• Spring Bouquet | Creekside Flower Farm
  • Spring Bouquet | Creekside Flower Farm

Spring Bouquet | Creekside Flower Farm

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The Spring Bouquet is a hand tied bouquet of exquisite blooms, locally grown and wrapped in brown paper--typically about 20 stems! These bouquets are filled with the freshest blooms that change with the seasons.  Some varieties that are  presently in bloom include Snapdragons, Larkspur, Forget-me-nots, Nigella, Orlaya and many others!  These are example bouquets and your bouquet will likely look a bit different though it will be comparable in size!  

Orders must be in by noon on Monday or Thursday, depending on your delivery day.  Your flowers will be left either in a plastic bag of water or a small cup of water.  Please be aware that flowers should not sit in the sun for too long and that they like cool temperatures!

For longest vase life, trim flower stems and keep in clean water in a clean vase.  Make sure that no greenery is in the water as this can aid in the growth of bacteria, which will disable the flowers from taking up water.  Change the water every couple of days and keep flowers in a cool space out of the sun. Some flowers will fade faster than others--remove fading flowers for longest enjoyment of remaining blooms!