• Monthly Special (SMALL)

Monthly Special (SMALL)


Our Monthly Special varies in content, but the focus of this curated box is to provide you staple meats for each month--with a bonus of some limited-supply meats included as available. We offer a small and large option to accommodate varying family sizes and budgets. But what truly sets this box apart is that you'll gain access to our unique meal planning resource. 

Each month our family will share the recipes (along with helpful tips & side options) we're going to use for our box. Some recipes are repeat favorites, and each month we'll also include brand new ones to keep things fresh. Sometimes it's really nice to have easy, already-proven-delicious recipes handed to youOur goal is to share simple, healthy, good-tasting meals that make cooking feel less monotonous and dinner time a special event for the whole family every night!

Make sure to follow us on Instagram too (@edenthistleco) as we cook together and highlight some of the recipes and family meals in our stories!


Note: All EdenThistle Meat Club Members (which includes anyone who subscribes to meat products) automatically receives a 10% discount when subscribing or making a one-time purchase of the Monthly Special!

Monthly Special (Small) includes:

- 5 lbs. Ground Beef

- 2 lbs. Sweet Links or Hamburger Patties

- 1 lb. Mild Sausage

- 1 lb. Maple Sausage

- 1 lb. Chorizo

- 1 lb. Sweet Italian Sausage