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Give a Subscription



Another awesome way to give a gift this Holiday season is to create a subscription for someone special. EdenThistle ships out and delivers product every week! By creating a subscription for a friend, you can select the exact products you want to give AND set how often you'd like those products to be delivered to them. You can also tell us how long you'd like that subscription to last. Here's how you'll create a subscription for someone:

  1. Click the EdenThistle logo at the top of the page (this will take you back to our home page)
  2. Go shop for the products that you want to give your friend.
  3. Select each product you want, and tell us the 'frequency' of delivery for each product (example: delivery every 2 weeks)
  4. After adding to cart all the products you'd like to subscribe your friend to, simply checkout
  5. Enter your friend's address for delivery
  6. Shoot us an email after your purchase ( and tell us how long you'd like for the subscription to run (example: 3 months). 

NOTE: If you're subscribing to product for a friend that lives outside of Chattanooga, shop our Meat Boxes and follow same directions as above. If your subscribing to products for a friend that lives inside Chattanooga, shop anything!

We'll take care of everything from there!

Our Meat is always grassfed, hormone and antibiotic free!


Shipping Info:

All meats are shipped frozen in a cooler with dry ice designed to arrive at your doorstep fresh and ready to use or to store for later in the freezer.  No need to be home for delivery--orders are packed to stay fresh even 8 hours after delivery!

Meat Package orders are shipped Mondays - Wednesdays only in order to ensure on-time, fresh delivery.

Local Chattanooga Delivery Info: Orders over $100 delivered FREE

We offer doorstep delivery for this product in the Chattanooga area.  Frozen meat is delivered at your door in a re-usable cooler with ice packs. There's no need to be home! Meat will stay fresh until you're able to pick it up. 

Choose one-time delivery or subscribe and choose frequency of delivery that best suits your needs.  We currently deliver every Tuesday in Chattanooga. Delivery day is subject to change on holiday weeks. We will notify you of any changes.

Note: To reduce waste, we request that all subscribers return the cooler and ice packs received from a prior order by placing them on their porch the day of their next delivery so we're able to re-use them.