• Sweet Italian Sausage | 1 lb. Pkg.

Sweet Italian Sausage | 1 lb. Pkg.


EdenThistle Sweet Italian Sausage

Comes in 1 lb. packages.  Very Similar to our Zesty Italian Sausage just with a subtle hint of sweetness.  Wonderful in pasta, casseroles, soups or on its own!

Our premium pork products come from heritage breed hogs foraged on woodlands. They are supplemented with a non-GMO feed and never given any antibiotics, hormones or drugs.  Our Zesty Italian Sausage is a crowd pleaser and wonderful in all sorts of different dishes. We love to add this to our spaghetti sauce—it turns a staple meal into a gourmet treat. 

No antibiotics or growth hormones, non-GMO

USDA inspected 

Delivered Frozen

Delivery Info: 

We offer doorstep delivery for this product in the Chattanooga area.  Frozen meat is delivered at your door in a re-usable cooler with ice packs. There's no need to be home! Meat will stay fresh until you're able to pick it up. 

Choose one-time delivery or subscribe and choose frequency of delivery that best suits your needs.  We currently deliver every Tuesday in Chattanooga. Delivery day is subject to change on holiday weeks. We will notify you of any changes.

Note: To reduce waste, we request that all subscribers return the cooler and ice packs received from a prior order by placing them on their porch the day of their next delivery so we're able to re-use them.