• Bulk Steak Box

Bulk Steak Box



Ordering beef in bulk is a great way to stock up on nutritious grassfed meat for a discounted price. Once a year during the fall months, we have a surplus in meat as many of our cows are "finished" on grass (thus earning their 100% grassfed notoriety). 

We are thrilled to offer a limited supply of Bulk Steak Boxes. Stock up on delicious grassfed steaks at an incredible price!  We've even included hard-to-come- by Fillet Mignons! 16 (6-8 oz.) steak per box. Expect a 2-6 week delivery period based on availability. 

Our beef is always grassfed, drug-free and just plain awesome!

What's in a Bulk Steak Box? 16 Steaks with the following break down:

- 2 (1/2 lb.) Filet Mignon Packages (2 per pkg.)

- 4 (8 oz.) Ribeyes

- 4 (8oz.) New York Strips

- 4 (6 oz.) Sirloin Steaks