Start Small Challenge


EdenThistle's Start Small Challenge

What's the Challenge?

To commit to buying grass fed and pasture raised products for the next 3 months. It doesn't even have to be through us!

Why the Challenge?

Because we believe in our mission and want to invite others to join us in it! EdenThistle's purpose is to steward the land that we and our partners farm, to care well for the animals that we get to raise and to serve our customers and communities. 

How's it work?

Subscribe to one of our Start Small Boxes for the next three months and get the following three months at a 10% discount. Shop boxes now!

What's a Start Small Box?

We've created two Meat Boxes for people who want to ease their way into the pasture raised and grass fed world. Each box has been designed with a few things in mind: 

  • Budget: These boxes are $50-$60 providing a low entry point for grass fed meats for a month. 
  • Cuts for Meals: We've included cuts that can spread out over several meals making every $ you invest count. 
  • Delivered: Finding time for a farmer's market is tough so we're delivering all over Chattanooga every week, directly to your doorstep!

What if I'm not in Chattanooga?

Don't worry, we'll FedEx a box right to you!

Already a Customer?

Not to worry, we've got a challenge for you to that ends up with you getting a 25% discount coupon! All you have to do is refer a customer! When they place any order, each one of you will get a 25% personalized discount code to be used on any purchase! Learn how to refer!