Reward Points Program


What is the Reward Points Program?

In its most basic form, for every dollar you spend with us, you get points. Those points convert to money that you can spend in our online store!

What do I have to do to earn points?

Simple: spend money on the website and create an account on our website. That's it!

What are the Tiers for Membership?

There are two tiers for Reward Points Membership. The lower tier is called the "Rewards Point Membership" and the higher is called the "Subscriber Rewards Membership"

Explain the Reward Points Membership vs. the Subscriber Rewards Member

The Reward Points Member earns 1 point for every dollar they spend. Anyone with an account can be a Reward Point Member. The Subscriber Rewards Member earns 2.5 points for every dollar they spend. Anyone who is subscribed to ANY product (you could subscribe to one product or multiple) is automatically upgraded to this membership. 

What can I spend my Reward Points on?

You can spend your points on anything in our store. Once you have points enough to buy a certain item, you'll see them appear next to the 'add to cart button' when shopping.

Does my subscription earn me points?

Yes! Anything bought through our site, whether in a one time purchase or a subscription earns you points. 

But I can't spend Reward Points on subscriptions?

No, unfortunately not. Points can only be used to buy items that are NOT in a subscription. This is due to the automated billing set up of subscriptions. However, you can use points to buy anything from our store that will be/can be delivered with your subscription. 

Do I have to keep track of my points?

Nope! Your online account will keep track of everything for you!

How do I buy stuff with my points?


Where can I see how many points I have?



You mentioned earning points by referring a friend, how do I do that?