About the forest raised pigs at EdenThistle


Forest Pork. Our pigs are grazed in the woods of the American South. The forest, rich in its platter of roots, acorns, grubs, and foliage offers pristine ‘pastures’ for our hogs. They graze the forest fruit to their hearts' content, and are supplemented with a non-GMO ration. 

As a herd grazes down one forest ‘pasture’ they are moved into new territory in order to maintain a clean environment, rich with its natural, edible content. As with our other animals, we strive to understand the natural design of our livestock, and watching our hogs turned out into fresh woodland is one of our favorite parts of the farm routine as we observe their design in action. 

Our farm and our partner farms raise several different heritage breeds of pigs including Large Black, Duroc, Hampshire, and Berkshire. Our hogs are never given antibiotics or hormones of any kind. All of our pork is processed through a USDA inspected butcher. It's truly a unique product with wonderful flavor and health benefits--the exceptional yield of hogs raised outdoors in their natural environment!