Layer Hens

About fresh eggs and pasture hens at EdenThistle

Our eggs come from our ever growing flock of layer hens. Like the rest of our animals we seek to farm our layer hens in a manner that abides by their design. Therefore, our hen coops are mobile and are constantly roving through our fields offering a new, fresh and clean environment for our birds to eat from.


Typically, we have our hens follow larger livestock that have grazed the grass down to manageable and palatable heights for their beaks. Once the larger livestock are moved on to their own new pastures, our birds are introduced to the newly cropped field for their turn to forage. From spring through the fall the birds not only eat fresh perennial forages found in the fields, but they also get to chase down the cornucopia of bugs and insects that are part of the diverse world of the pastures.


The eggs gathered from these hens are nutrient rich beautiful orange-yolked delicacies. The flavor of pasture-raised eggs is so good, that once you start eating them it's hard to turn back!