Learn about pasture raised chicken at EdenThistle

We receive our meat chickens via the United States Post Office within 72 hours of when they are hatched. As soon as they arrive on the farm they are loaded into our barn where warm, clean brooders packed with food and water wait for them. For about two weeks our birds stay in the barn as they develop their feathers and grow rapidly for such young creatures. 

From the barn they're moved out to our field pens which crawl across the pastures through the next 5-6 weeks that the birds are on the farm. Each field pen is moved daily in order to yield new pasture forage for the chickens, and to provide the birds with a continually clean environment. For food, our birds eat all they want of grass and bugs, and are supplemented with a non-GMO ration. As the chickens move to a new spot daily, they leave all their nitrogen-packed droppings behind, improving the soil and pasture growth. It's a beautiful cycle.

The diet of our pasture-raised chickens creates an exceptional product, rich in antioxidants, nourishing vitamins and packed with incredible flavor. It's meat you feel great about eating knowing the circle of life yielded fruit for the earth, a great life for the chicken, and a healthy product for you.


 All our chickens are UDSA inspected when processed, and all of our products are always pasture-raised, non-GMO & drug-free.