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Q. How do you become a Member?

A. There's only one way: simply by subscribing to any meat product(s) in our store.


Q. Are there any commitments?

A. No!  As a subscribing customer, you can pause, change or cancel your subscription at any time!  (You will only receive Club benefits though when your subscription is active).


Q. What's the purpose of the Meat Club? 

A. We designed the Meat Club as a way to extend our gratitude through extra, exclusive benefits to our subscribing customers.  While all of our customers have access to earning points through purchases (whether one-time orders or subscription), subscribing customers have the added bonus of counting on these extra benefits throughout the year.


Q. I cancelled my meat subscription, do I still get to be a Member?

A. Unfortunately no, if you cancel your meat subscription, your Membership is also cancelled. So get back online and subscribe to some meat!