Our Story

How the Teague family started Edenthistle Land stewardship co.



We started EdenThistle from a growing conviction that there's a design to animals and to the land.  If you study that design and allow it to dictate how you care for animals, wonderful things occur and both flourish.  We stake everything we do within our company on this principle and beautiful things are produced:  

    • nourishing food for people we care greatly for
    • empowering connection and partnership with other sustainable, grass-based farms like ours 
    • healthy land and soil that builds a future for flourishing growth of food for our families 
    • and opportunity to share this, not in just our hometown of Chattanooga, TN; but all over  

Not so many years ago, we were like most people in America: Not farmers! Marshall and I both have degrees in areas unrelated to agriculture.  Neither of us grew up in farming families. We never guessed that this is what we'd end up doing. But the story of "design" captivated us and we soon realized a farming-based business suited our gift-sets and was a good track for our family.  

But *farming only* was never an option for us. I mean, just 6 years ago, we had little knowledge of this whole world and the multi faceted benefits of eating pasture-raised meat. Now that we've literally tasted the goodness, we want to share it with everyone!   

As our business has grown and transformed we realized that we wanted to make it as accessible as possible to everyone.  From our own experience before ever having a farm, we realize there's not often time to get everywhere you'd like to for healthy and trustworthy food options. We realize that with all of the wonderful parts of life, there's little margin for extras.  I'm a mom of two beautiful young girls—I get it—life is busy. To let you in on my own secret: I need convenience or it just doesn't happen right now.  

So, with this in mind, we've created an online store with easy-to-manage ordering to make life a little bit simpler for everyone. No commitments. Just healthy, premium, trustworthy meat and egg products you can feel great about sharing with your people. And the best part?  The order comes straight to your doorstep.  There's literally no work involved for you.  Because who needs extra work?   

Farming is a great rhythm. There's always much to be done, but there's also the time to slow down and connect with the people we love over food with a story.  It's something restorative in the midst of busy days.  We hope EdenThistle will be a great tool in your back pocket to achieve the same with the people you love to be with: Healthy food with purpose on your table—creating connection you'll savor for a lifetime.