• Large Smoked Ham + Chicken

Large Smoked Ham + Chicken



Enjoy the holidays or just a week night dinner with two of our most delicious cuts of meat.  Our ham--always from foraged hogs--is smoked to perfection and delivers rewarding flavor in every bite.  Combo this with our whole chicken for an incredibly wholesome meal.  Time after time we have customers speak so highly of our birds' flavor compared to that of conventionally raised chickens.  We are 100% sure that their time eating every bug and blade of grass in a real pasture accounts for the dynamite taste and nutrient-dense protein. 

Large package includes two (3.5 lb.) hams and two (4 lb.) chickens. Feeds 12-20 people.  

Delivery Info: Orders over $100 delivered FREE

We offer doorstep delivery for this product in the Chattanooga area.  Frozen meat is delivered at your door in a re-usable cooler with ice packs. There's no need to be home! Meat will stay fresh until you're able to pick it up. 

Choose one-time delivery or subscribe and choose frequency of delivery that best suits your needs.  We currently deliver every Tuesday in Chattanooga. Delivery day is subject to change on holiday weeks. We will notify you of any changes.