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Comes in one dozen packages.

If you’ve never tasted eggs from hens raised on grass–we invite you to try–they are like no other!  Higher in vitamins and omega-3’s and lower in saturated fat and cholesterol–our eggs are a healthier product than factory-farmed eggs.  The rich, dark yellow yolk provides the evidence of the nourishing diet of the hen,  and the incredible flavor proves the benefits of this are not just for health but for taste buds too. 

Our laying hens graze on fresh grass every day and are supplemented with all-natural, non-GMO feed.  They are never given antibiotics or any type of growth hormone. 

Delivery Info: Our delivered eggs are always very fresh and will last at least 4 weeks in your refrigerator. If you subscribe for eggs, we recommend having them delivered once a month or every two weeks.

Eggs are delivered fresh to your doorstep and do not require immediate refrigeration if you're not home.