• The Versatile Viking Sirloin

    When Marshall brought our new Viking steaks back from the butcher, I thought they were an April Fool's joke or specially ordered for Ron Swanson's birthday. These steaks are HUGE with a capital and pronounced "H". I can assure you that quantity does not diminish quality, however. Sirloin steaks a... View Post
  • Chorizo with Roasted Veggies

      Chances are, you've tasted some version of chorizo. Chorizo is a type of sausage (usually pork) distinguished by the spices used in production. Traditional Spanish chorizo is bought already smoked, and has smoked paprika, giving it that rich reddish color and lots of heat. Mexican chorizo is ... View Post
  • Easy Homemade Bone Broth, Part 2 (Chicken)

    Chicken practical...why would you not give a try? I've written before, cooking with whole chickens used to intimidate me, as did making bone broth. But once I finally tried it I realized I'd unlocked a gold mine to simplified meal planning and even... View Post