• The Best (and Healthiest) Ranch Dressing You'll Ever Have

      Anytime I see something claiming to be the "best" whatever it is, I immediately think of the movie Elf ("You did it!! Congratulations!!"), and how overused that phrase is. But. This ranch. You want to know why I'm claiming it's the best, and staking my farm-guest-blogger reputation on it? It'... View Post
  • Chattanooga Fellows and Dutch Babies

                A couple weeks ago, EdenThistle hosted the Chattanooga Fellows for a weekend retreat. The Fellows Initiative is a nine month program designed to guide and equip recent college graduates to live intentional, Christlike lives in all areas of adulthood.  I am an alum of the Raleigh Fello... View Post
  • 5 Easy Ways to Use Quail Eggs in Everyday Cooking

    Quail eggs everyday? Well perhaps not every single day—but undoubtedly these small, beautiful eggs are quite delightful to cook with and even have practical use in the average person's kitchen. I'd never eaten a quail egg until the first one was laid by our flock. The rich, yummy flavor blew my ... View Post

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